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Something better happened.


The growing scope of the Internet and innovative advertising forms attract suppliers and consumers. But the anonymity of the Internet also provides an open door for "fake buyer" and dubious participants.

For one thing online competitions: In this case payoff depends on a professional and well-targeted design. Certainly the main factors of success are the participants. Is the participant really a serious competitor? Does he really fill in the correct data or does he try to win the prize despite misrepresenting personal data?

For another thing:
You want to win subscribers by a free trial offer. What a nuisance if some of the participants accept the free offer and order actively, but when they are invited to subscribe deny the offer? So far, you have virtually no opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of the order.

Don’t worry about it anymore, because we offer a brand new service:


call2Verify is our service to verify online orders and participations in real time. As a shop or service provider you can check customer inputs by automatic phone tests.
call2Verify is offered as an ASP service and the simple interface can be quickly integrated anywhere on your site.

Große Vorteile:

  • By gathering call-approvals call2Verify offers a serious validation of phone numbers.
  • You get a reliable double-opt-in for telemarketing.
  • By checking the numbers spam registrations are excluded and you get identified addresses.
  • By clearly verifying the numbers you minimize the risk of fraud and dubious clients.
  • With call2Verify you increase customer satisfaction and trust by enhancing the communication.
  • The deterrence of fake-orders results in reduced payment defaults and cancellations.

Easy to use:

  • The customer fills in your order form.
  • Your order form transfers the data (phone number and verification code) to call2Verify.
  • call2Verify calls the customer immediately after the input and reads the verification code.
  • The customer puts in the verification code and the web form compares the data to correct and complete the order.


We look forward to hearing from you!
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