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The program eMailTracker monitors test e-mail addresses in terms of penetration and abuse (spam). eMailTracker takes the weekly visual inspection on the basis of an error-tolerant search and draws attention to any offenses committed by sending newsletters. Unknown senders will be filtered out. In addition, eMailTracker also monitors the number of allowable weekly promotion e-mails to avoid excessive penetration by a sponsor.

The process

Before delivery of e-mail data to the individual sponsors for each delivery file a test address record, including email address is attached. The e-mail address is created in an e-mail provider account (gmx, Web.de, GooglE-mail, and so on.).

  • campaign
  • newsletter sender / sponsor
  • max no. e-mails per week
  • keywords / search terms
  • file delivery
  • salutation
  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail-address
  • Pop3 Passwort

eMailTracker collects the emails on a weekly basis and searches the e-mail content for stored keywords and test names. Any e-mails of e-mail account providers are recognized and not evaluated. The search includes the text and by means of OCR technology the graphics, too.

A weekly analysis of each test displays the following results:

  • number of received e-mails per week
  • number of received e-mails from newsletter sender/sponsor (keyword matches) per week.
  • number of received e-mails from e-mail provider (gmx, web.de, gmail, etc.) per week.
  • number of received e-mails that are suspicious because neither a known email provider nor a keyword was found.

Once a suspicious e-mail has been found or the allowed number of weekly promotional e-mails of a partner has been exceeded, eMailTracker automatically sends an alert via e-mail. In this way it is possible to detect violations and to intervene.

eMailTracker is a standardized Enterprise application (JEE5) and is characterized by an unlimited scalability and its cluster and load balancing capability.

eMailTracker is available as a purchase as well as a hosted version (SAS software as service) and can also be used in a multi-client version.


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