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payControl is an application for the automatic processing of bank debits and the resulting return debit notes, dispatch of invoices as well as the analysis of these data and the corresponding invoice handling for each payment service.

Therefore DTAUS files, proprietary and non-SWIFT full log files (idd) and CSV files can be read and processed. The return debit / deposit detection is usually based on the content of the blank "purpose of payment", but can be freely configured due to your needs. The software evaluates the data and stores it centrally in a database.

payControl is multi-client capable and allows different settlement conditions for each client.

The following requirements are met:

  • Desktop application for Windows operating systems from Windows XP Pro upwards
  • Central database server
  • Import of proprietary and non-SWIFT full log files (idd)
  • Import of proprietary csv files
  • Multi-client capable
  • Settlement conditions for each client individually adjustable
  • Creating client’s settlements as PDF
  • Storage of created invoices
  • Entry of free text for each billing
  • Entry of additional lines in the accounts
  • Multiple invoice templates for each client selectable
  • Comprehensive presentation of the current data for each client
  • Presentation of the current data for all clients (Dashboard)


The application was developed as a Windows desktop application based on Java and the Eclipse RCP framework.Because of this combination, the same application can be run natively on the operating systems of Microsoft, Apple and most Linux distributions in X11.

In order to realize a central data storage on a database server, the application is based on a TCP / IP connection. To achieve the greatest possible freedom in the choice of the database server, the application EclipseLink is used as database abstraction.

The core of the application is a data model, which compresses all banking transactions to a common denominator on which all accounts can be created.This data model can then be filled in depending on the various file formats. For this purpose, the application provides an abstract version of the import process.Based on this abstraction the various formats can be implemented. Later if necessary, the application can be adapted to import other file formats and bank transaction data.



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